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Is it difficult to set up a domain name hosting account?

Is It Difficult to Set Up a Domain Name Hosting Account?

Setting up a domain name hosting account is probably one of the easiest tasks involved when creating a new Website. The only things you are usually responsible for are:
- Picking a company for your domain name hosting.
- Searching for a name that is not already taken (this can be done directly from your chosen domain name hosting company's Website).
- Filling out your contact and payment information.
- Making monthly/yearly payments on the domain Web hosting plan.
The rest is done for you, as the domain Web hosting company that you choose will do the actual registration and set up. It could not be any easier. Just don't forget to purchase the privacy option to avoid annoying and dangerous spam.

Should I purchase email domain hosting?

When You Need to Purchase Email Domain Hosting

Most individuals can get away having a free email domain hosting account from their IP or from a free service. However, it is very important for businesses to have their own email domain hosting (ex: in order to be taken seriously by customers and clients. Those who have email with a free host or the address provided by their IP (ex:,, will likely make customers weary of a purchase.

Can I host mutiple domain names on my Website?

Multiple Domain Hosting

There are many reasons why someone would want to have multiple domain hosting. For instance, if you run several affiliate websites, you will want a different domain name for each one. Similarly, someone who has several blogs on different topics may also want several domain names. If you have a need for multiple domain hosting, you will want to be careful when choosing a Web host to purchase from.
Some companies make it difficult or impossible to have multiple domain hosting with one Web hosting account and may require you to purchase separate Web hosting space per domain name. The problem with this is that you may receive 5GB worth of space per account and only use 1GB. This means that, with five separate domain names, you will be paying five times as much as you would be without this rule.
If you need multiple domain hosting, it is probably best to call a company's customer service department and ask about their rules on this issue before you purchase a Web and domain hosting account. You can also choose to purchase only from companies who advertise that they allow multiple domain hosting. This will prevent you from ending up in a situation where you are forced to purchase more Web space than you need.


Domain Name Hosting With Perks

Some companies just offer Web hosting space with a domain name hosting purchase, without all the other extras. For example, you may receive 20MB of Web hosting space absolutely free. This is a good amount of space and will usually give you room for much more than one Web page. Many of these domain name hosting packages will run you $8-$15 per year. That's $0.67 to $1.25 per month! If you are looking for a very cheap way to get your name or company information on the Web, this may be your best option.


When You Need to Purchase Email Domain Hosting

Email domain hosting can be obtained for as little as $10/year. Purchasing your own email domain hosting gives you a professional appearance, which is important for customer trust if you are a little-known small or medium sized business. Even if you are an individual who runs a business or service by yourself from your own home, having a professional presence (by ordering your own e-mail domain hosting) will help you go a long way when competing with larger companies.

What can I get with my domain name hosting purchase?

Domain Name Hosting With Perks

Sometimes when you purchase domain name hosting, you can get special perks that you might not be expecting. There are a few domain name Web hosting companies out there that offer free perks with a domain name hosting purchase. For example, you can receive:

- An email hosting package for your domain name (ex: and with forwarding.

- A beginning Web page. It's not much, but it should be enough to give a brief description of yourself or your business, list your interests or services/prices, and mention your contact information.

- Domain name masking, so that you can direct the URL to other sites you may have. For instance, if you choose a free Web hosting account somewhere, you can re-direct your URL to that page. No one will ever no you have free hosting (unless its supported by advertisements).

What are the disadvantages of free domain hosting?

The Disadvantages of Free Domain Hosting

There are many websites that offer free domain hosting. The problem, however, is that these companies will give you a domain that they already own and you will have to leave it if you ever decide to switch to a different Web host. For example, instead of, the domain you receive will be something like www.freewebhostingcompany/ Most of these companies offer free Web space along with their free domain hosting, which is usually supported by banner and pop-up ads.
Free domain hosting may be ideal for:
- A young teen who wants their own website, but who does not have the money to purchase their own domain and web space.
- Someone who wants to make a blog or small personal space without spending any money.
- Someone new to the Internet who wants to see what they can create before they spend money on a hosting plan.
On the other hand, anyone looking to make money through their website should not consider free domain hosting. Whether you are selling products, creating a biography for potential clients to view, or you are putting together an affiliate website, you should always shell out the few extra bucks per year to have your own domain hosting. Otherwise, you may have a difficult time gaining any real profits.

How can I keep my personal information out of the Whois database?

Hosting and Domain Solutions: Web Hosting Domain Registration

In a world of identity theft and spam, Internet privacy is important. What some don't know is that simply registering a new Website, without knowing what hosting and domain solutions are available, can open them up to many of these dangers.

With a Web hosting domain registration, your Web host will have to report sensitive information to the Whois database. This information usually includes:

- Your name

- Your address

- Your phone number

Fortunately, there are hosting and domain solutions to keep your information away from those who would misuse it. For a small fee, most companies offer a privacy option with your web hosting domain registration.

This is allowed because, although your information will not be viewable to the general public, it will be available to law enforcement officials or others who have a legal need for it. The cost of a private Web hosting domain registration is very small for the protection & assurance you will receive.

What are my domain name registration options?

How to Find the Best Domain Hosting Value

There are many options that you can choose from when you decide to look for domain hosting. The three most popular domain registration hosting options that you are likely to find include:
- Domain registration hosting only
- Domain hosting packages (with “extras” such as domain forwarding)
- Domain hosting with Web space purchase
You will have to determine what your specific needs are and which of these options will satisfy those needs at the cheapest cost. For example, domain hosting with Web space may seem like the best value; however, you may be able to find a domain registration hosting company and a separate Web hosting company whose services are cheap enough that you will end up spending less than your first option.
Another example would be if you already have Web space, but want to acquire your own domain name as well. In this instance, purchasing domain hosting with Web space may be a waste of money, unless you decide transfer your entire Website and cancel your previous Web hosting account. Comparing these three options, based on your situation, will help you find the best domain registration hosting value available to you.

What are the advantages of free domain hosting?

The Advantages of Free Domain Hosting

If you plan to buy a portion of web hosting space for your website, then you can likely get free domain hosting as well. A majority of companies will give you free domain Web hosting as long as you have an account with them. This is an ideal way to:
- Save money if you plan on buying Web space anyway.
- Have your Website and domain easily set up at the same time.
- Get an e-mail hosting package to go along with your domain name, as most companies that offer a free domain name with your Web hosting plan will also include business e-mail accounts with it.
Additionally, if you do ever decide to switch to a different domain hosting company, you can easily find one that offers free domain Web hosting transfers with a new website hosting purchase.

Just how cheap is cheap domain name hosting?

Cheap Domain Name Hosting

If you choose to have your own domain hosting for your Website, there are some very cheap domain hosting solutions available to you. For instance, one of the cheapest going rates right now is a full year of domain name hosting for only $4 per year.

Although this price is not guaranteed forever and will likely rise at some point, you can secure your cheap domain hosting rate by purchasing 2 years, 3 years, 5 years, or sometimes even 10 years at one time. If you choose one of these longer domain name hosting options, you need to be sure that it is not a name that you will abandon 6 months down the line.

Finding these great cheap domain hosting deals may take a little bit of research, as some companies will still advertise their prices at $8-$15 per year; however, with persistence, you can find these great deals!

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