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How can I keep my personal information out of the Whois database?

Hosting and Domain Solutions: Web Hosting Domain Registration

In a world of identity theft and spam, Internet privacy is important. What some don't know is that simply registering a new Website, without knowing what hosting and domain solutions are available, can open them up to many of these dangers.

With a Web hosting domain registration, your Web host will have to report sensitive information to the Whois database. This information usually includes:

- Your name

- Your address

- Your phone number

Fortunately, there are hosting and domain solutions to keep your information away from those who would misuse it. For a small fee, most companies offer a privacy option with your web hosting domain registration.

This is allowed because, although your information will not be viewable to the general public, it will be available to law enforcement officials or others who have a legal need for it. The cost of a private Web hosting domain registration is very small for the protection & assurance you will receive.



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