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What are active server pages?

Windows Hosting & Active Server Pages

The key point of Windows hosting is the way it supports .ASP (Active Server Pages) or the advanced ASP.NET. This language for Web development was created by Microsoft and it facilitates the creation of dynamic Web pages linked to SQL databases.
It can be easily integrated with other systems, making the work of hosting solution providers, quite easy and the hosting solution providers charge little more for this Windows hosting service.

Why are their so many upgrades & changes to Linux?

Linux Hosting: Continual Upgrades, Technologically Advanced, & Stability

Linux hosting is popular among clients who need the most recent technologies implemented into their Websites. Since Linux is an open source operating system, researchers continue to provide upgrades regularly.
Linux hosting solutions are also considered to be more in synchronization with latest technical advancements.
Many free distributions, like FreeBSD and OpenBSD, are available for implementation in Linux hosting solutions. Technically proficient customers understand that, since Linux is derived from UNIX, it is an extremely stable operating system.
Companies providing hosting solutions also prefer Linux hosting, as it is compliant with a large variety of hardware.

What is a benefit of Windows hosting?

Windows Hosting & Pre-Made Programs

Another benefit of Windows hosting web servers are that there are many pre-made programs and objects written for Windows hosting web servers.

These programs vary in functionality; from small components, that one may build into the website, to full-blown enterprise applications. Depending on the complexity and the uses, such applications can be useful. Prices range from being completely free to very expensive. Windows hosting is advisable if the client has a good budget and is willing to let the hosting solution provider handle all technical support.

The client may still access the site, but through a simple interactive panel only, leaving the technicalities to the Windows hosting solution provider.

What is Virtual Web Hosting?

What is Virtual Web Hosting?

Virtual Web hosting means the same server hosts many accounts or customers. Each customer may have multiple sites – depending on the provider and what they allow. Today, hosting solutions providers may host hundreds of Websites on a single server using powerful microprocessors.
The price charged by hosting solutions providers, for a virtual Web hosting package is quite low, as compared to the dedicated server packages, as they have lesser input costs. Virtual Web hosting allows individuals and businesses with limited financial resources to launch their Website with the same ease as that of a dedicated web server.


Linux Hosting

Although Linux hosting advocates make some pretty good points, the only way to know if Linux hosting is right for you is to try it yourself. Give your server at least a full month before you set up your entire Web site, so that you can easily switch to a different type of hosting if need be.


Hosting Solutions

If you decided to use Microsoft SQL 2005 Hosting, you should be aware of the features to make sure it's right for your needs. Check out for a complete list of the features for Microsoft SQL 2005 Hosting. Some of them include 200MB of server space, daily or weekly backup, password protected directory, access to raw log files and management studio support.


Windows hosting & The Internet Information Server (IIS)

Using IIS and ASP, a programmer working for a hosting solutions provider can leverage his/her knowledge and incorporate Windows COM objects and data access directly into the clients' Web application. Hosting solutions providers usually charge a premium price for Windows hosting services.


What is Virtual Web Hosting?

Virtual web hosting is the same as shared hosting. It basically refers to the fact that you have your web site hosted on a server and the server provides hosting for multiple sites. Your site will not be the only one using the resources on the server. Virtual web hosting is available on both Unix and Windows based servers. It is the most common type of hosting available and most companies will find shared hosting to fit their web hosting needs. However, if you have a large website which has high traffic you may consider having a dedicated server so you can take advantage of all of the server resources including storage space, security, software and speed.

How do I find out how reliable a hosting company is?

How to Get to the Bottom of Your Host's Support Policies

Before you sign up with a web hosting provider, there is one truly easy way to find out how committed they are to customer service. If the hosting provider states that they offer a 24/7 live chat support utility, try it out during off hours, usually late at nights, or on the weekend. If you get a real person, chances are the web hosting provider is living up to their claims. If you do not, it could be a chance occurrence, but it may also be an indicator that their support is not really available 24/7.

Some web hosting providers will answer sales questions promptly and then drop the ball when it comes to support issues. Make sure you find a hosting plan that offers at least a 7 day money-back guarantee so that you can thoroughly test their support system. If you find that the web hosting provider is no longer as quick to respond, you may need to try another company.

How do I know which control panel will be the best for my needs?

Mastering Your New Control Panel

When you are shopping for a hosting package, the selection of your new control panel should factor in as a major part of your decision. There are several control panels currently on the market, and many hosting companies favor CPanel, which is regarded as one of the easiest control panels to use.

Your best bet when it comes to selecting a control panel is to try a variety of different demos so that you can get a true feeling for how each one works. Several web hosting companies offer these free demos, and most companies that create control panels will provide a demo.

If your web hosting company has a proprietary control panel, make sure that they offer a demo before you sign a contract. This will help avoid confusion in dealing with a control panel you're not used to.

How important is technical support?

Check the Technical Support

Technical support is a key differentiator for many commercial web hosting providers. Whether you're building your own site by hand, using a helper application from a company that offers web hosting with sitebuilder, or having a consultant build a site for you, chances are you are going to need technical support. Here are some questions to ask yourself before purchasing web site hosting:

* Does the website hosting provider offer 24x7 tech support?

* Does it offer phone and email support? How about live chat?

* Are the support reps actually helpful?

* How do other customers rate the technical support offered by the web hosting provider you are looking at?

How can virtual Web hosting help small businesses?

Using Virtual Web Hosting to Your Advantage

Virtual Web hosting is useful for small businesses, as they can outsource the maintenance of particular Web sites to other professionals for a small percentage of what it would cost to employ an in-house team to run it. They can outsource this work to a hosting solution provider and can concentrate on running the business and improving their sales.
Through virtual web hosting, many hosting solution providers offer low cost services reliably and efficiently. Virtual web hosting is extremely convenient, has a very short setup time, and comes with many features. Site activation can take only a few minutes after one pays for the service.
Many hosting solution providers offer virtual web hosting through Windows hosting packages. Microsoft's Windows server operating systems (NT/2000/2003) have quite friendly and familiar user interface.
Another benefit is the excellent integration capability with other applications developed by Microsoft. Hosting solution providers are not off the mark as truly the range of Microsoft's virtual web hosting applications are quite impressive and an easy integration goes long way in making it faster and more efficient.

What is one reason that someone might choose Linux hosting over Windows hosting?

Linux Hosting

There are many reasons why consumers choose to have their Website hosted on a Linux based server, as opposed to a Windows based server. The top five reasons are included below:
- Licensing costs for Linux hosting are lower then that for Windows hosting.
- People prefer Linux hosting, as the servers that implement these hosting solutions support a higher Web-sites-per-server ratio, without any compromise in the quality of service.
- Linux hosting is also popular due to the fact it is more stable than Windows.
- Linux hosting solutions are known for their reliability.
- Linux hosting servers are secure and fulfill client requirements efficiently.

Do I need site builder?

Web Hosting with Site Builder

Often, a web hosting provider will offer a site-building application as part of a web site hosting package. This can be very helpful if you have limited web development skills and want to run your own site. However, if you have development skills, or plan to hire a professional web developer, you likely won't need a site building application, or find it limiting.

What are the advantages of virtual Web hosting?

The Advantages of Vitual Web Hosting

Hosting solution providers offer virtual Web hosting to clients in such a manner that individual Web sites have strong connectivity and great uptime. Virtual Web hosting services are an excellent solution for clients who are just entering the online business arena. Hosting solution providers advise their clients to go for this if they need to host e-commerce sites and static Web pages.

Virtual web hosting setups can require the same administrative knowledge as dedicated servers. Hosting solution providers offer a set of email address as well as dedicated IP address, with the virtual Web hosting package.

What is IIS?

Windows hosting & The Internet Information Server (IIS)

Microsoft has created its own Web server software for hosting solution providers, which runs in Windows. This software is called Internet Information Server (IIS). IIS allows users to create Web pages using ASP/ASP.NET, in addition to standardized Web languages such as PERL. The strength of this software lies in its compatibility with various components.

What are hosting solutions?

Hosting Solutions

Hosting solutions are the different packages offered by the Web hosting companies to their customers. Web hosting is defined as outsourcing of services like creating, managing and maintaining a website. In other words, web hosting is the process of putting a site on Internet.

Hosting solutions are different sets of services that a web host will provide to you, the customer. There are many hosting solutions available based on Linux/Windows. Linux hosting solutions are generally cheaper than Windows based hosting solutions. Linux hosting is cheaper as it is an open source, freely available operating system, unlike Windows hosting.

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