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How much should I pay for web hosting?

Web Hosting Costs

There are so many options when it comes to web hosting. You can even find free web hosting. Remember that you generally get what you pay for, but not always. If you have an important website and it is critical that you have reliable service at all times, it is worth the investment for a reliable web host. If you are building a personal website which will probably not have much traffic and won't be selling anything, then a cheap web hosting offer may work just fine for your needs. Your online business depends upon visitors finding your site, and then making purchases. If your site is down or slow you will lose money. When you purchase cheap web hosting you need to consider that your server will probably be shared with hundreds of other customers and therefore the performance of your site will be slower.

What is considered “reliable” web hosting?

Reliable Web Hosting

Having a reliable web host is vital to any online business since your web site directly reflects your company. Reliable web hosting includes not only a company structure that is consistent and will be around for the long term, but also services that are dependable. Your web hosting should provide 99.9% uptime (a must for a company who does not want to lose customers.) There are web hosting companies that have backup servers and safeguards and guarantee 100% uptime. The price is usually higher but if you have critical data it may be worth the cost. Reliable web hosting includes good customer support and servers that are secure. A good definition of reliable web hosting is a web host who will consistently provide what you need when you need it.

What Can I Expect to Pay for Cheap Domain Hosting?

What Can I Expect to Pay for Cheap Domain Hosting?

Owning your own domain name not only has many advantages, but is also very affordable. You can find cheap domain hosting for as low as $4 per year. Below are a few reasons why someone my want to shell out this small amount of cash for their very own domain name:

- If you have a website or blog for your business, having your own domain name will give you a professional appearance. A domain name provided by your hosting company will not.

- Your own domain name will allow you to insert your best keyword right into your URL, to better target potential visitors.

- You get to choose your own domain name. Make yourself feel special with a!

The advantages of having your own cheap domain hosting, far outweigh the low cost associated with it.

What Will be Included in a Cheap Hosting Web Site Package?

What Will be Included in a Cheap Hosting Web Site Package?

Cheap website hosting packages will usually come with the basics:

- A decent amount of space. Usually much more than the average person needs.

- A decent amount of bandwidth.

- A basic Web builder. If you do go through a company who does not offer a Web builder, then the monthly fee will usually be a few bucks cheaper.

- A domain name.

- Scripting tools.

- Database tools.

- Visitor analysis tools.

If you need any extras, you can usually add them on for an additional charge. However, it may be cheaper to buy a more comprehensive Website package instead. For the average individual or small non-merchant business, most cheap web hosting packages offer more than you will need.

How can I find the best web host for my needs?

Finding the Best Web Host for Your Needs

If you are new to the world of web hosting, it may be hard to determine what company will be the best web host for your needs and bring you the greatest value and service for your money. After all, there are a number of “big” providers to choose from and even more small resell providers. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself when looking for the best Web host:

- What will my website be used for? Personal or business?

- How much content or information will be hosted on my website?

- Do I expect a lot of traffic on a daily basis or just family and friends?

- In order from most to least important, what are my main requirements for my hosting provider?

- Can I sacrifice the requirements that are lowest on my list in order to satisfy the items at the top of my list?

The answers to these questions will help you weed down the long list of potential hosting providers into a shortlist of possibilities, which will make it easier to determine the best Web host for your needs. Be sure to get recommendations from family, friends, or those in the same line of business, to help you determine which provider will ultimately be the best Web host for you.

What is the best web hosting?

Best Web Hosting

The best web hosting service is a service which will provide what the customer needs, when they need it, at an affordable price. As consumers it is our responsibility to make sure we do the research to determine if the service being provided is exactly what we need. The good thing about having so many choices is that we can find the best web hosting for us personally. If you itemize your specific needs then when you find web hosting options, you can make certain you're getting what you want. How much web storage do you need? How much do you want to spend? Do you want a full web site or simply one or two personal web pages? Do you want to design the site online using a pre-made template or would you rather design your site with Dreamweaver or FrontPage? Don't settle for a mediocre hosting service when, with a little research, you can find the best web hosting for your specific needs.

Can I receive cheap hosting for my small business?

Cheap Hosting for Small Businesses

If you are thinking of starting your own business or working from home, chances are that you will need a website. However, don't get confused by the $30-$100 per month business plans offered by some web hosting companies. As a small business, you can find cheap hosting!
First, if you are not collecting money directly through your Website nor selling a number of products, then you will likely not need many of the extras offered in packages that cost $30-$100 per month. These high-end accounts are usually targeted towards merchants who process orders directly or very large businesses who can afford the monthly charge.
Just because you have a small business, does not mean that you cannot go with a cheap hosting solution. As a matter of fact, many small businesses and other professionals who maintain a website to target clients, can get away with purchasing a $6-$10 per month hosting plan. This is because:
A) They have customers/clients pay them through check, money order, Paypal, etc.
B) They only have basic website pages, which usually number 50 or less.

What should I look for in a web hosting company?

Questions to Ask Your Web Hosting Provider

There are many things to consider when choosing a web hosting provider. Free web hosting is great for simple websites without much traffic and most free web hosting providers offer site building software online so you can create your site quickly. However, make sure you check out what web hosting resources your web host offers. If you have more than a few pages you'll probably determine to pay a little each month for better quality service. How much time is the service guaranteed to be up? How much space do you need? Do they offer FTP support? Can you host your own domain or do they require you use a sub-domain? How many email addresses are offered? Do they offer services geared towards e-commerce web hosting or shopping cart software? Does the web hosting provider offer web stats? Are there setup fees? Is there a money-back guarantee? Just do a little homework before moving forward with any web hosting provider so you don't waste time getting things set up only to discover the hosting service you selected doesn't fit your needs.

How do I evaluate my web hosting customer service?

Web Hosting Customer Service

There are a few things you should consider when evaluating your web hosting customer service. The first is response time. If you send an e-mail asking for support and it takes more than 24 hours to get a response, you should look for another web host. Time is crucial. Find out if your support has technical expertise by asking a few questions and seeing how they respond. If you get a nice response without actually answering your question, or get a rude response, look for a different host. You can tell a lot about what kind of service you will get from a web hosting provider, by what type of customer support they offer. You can also look and see if your web host offers FAQ and technical support documentation online. Many issues you have can be resolved this way and it can be a very valuable time-saving resource. These resources take time and effort to create and maintain and show your web host has committed to helping you resolve problems quickly.

What should I look for in a good web host company?

Good Web Host Company

It seems that there are too many choices when it comes to finding a good web host. Because there is so much competition in the web hosting industry, you can find many companies that offer value-added services in order to get your business. You can find a good web host with e-commerce, more security, higher speeds and bandwidth. You have more choices and cheaper prices. First you need to know what you are looking for – which options are most important to you. If you want great customer service, you may consider a smaller ISP that can provide a more personal level of service. If you want a good web host that can provide web design as well as hosting it will narrow your search field. A good web host company will provide the resources you need at a price you can afford.


Best Web Hosting

When you decide to go with a particular web hosting server, you should consider whether they have a secure data center. A web hosting company needs a lot of web servers to store their customers' Web sites. These servers are then connected to the Internet. Because these servers are essentially computers, they need to be housed in a secure data center, which is a brick and mortar building. In order for the web hosting company to guarantee security to their customers, a secure data center typically has 24/7 computer data backup, fire protection, HVAC temperature control, virus detection, disaster recovery capabilities and backup of power.


The Advantages of Cheap Hosting

You will usually find shared web hosting, and it could even be the cheapest, through someone who resells Web space bought from bigger providers. That being said, it is important to remember that there are larger companies who will start their plans as low as $4 to $5 per month. Go with a provider you are comfortable with, even if it means paying a dollar or two more.


Cheap Hosting for Small Businesses

Shared hosting is not just for personal web pages; you can make shared hosting work for your small business. To be certain, though, purchase through a company that has a free trial or money back guarantee. This way, if your Web site files are too large for the space provided, you aren't locked-in for a full month.


Can You Trust Cheap Web Site Hosting Listings?

So, how do you know which kind of site you are visiting? Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell when you search for a Web site hosting deal. Usually when you are dealing with an affiliate link, the URL will read instead of just Many times, you may only see the additional numbers and/or letters for a brief second before it turns into the normal URL. Other than that, determining if the information you received was truly useful can be almost impossible until you sign up for and use the company yourself. Then you will know whether they are the great company that the cheap Web site hosting listing claimed or not.

What is small business web hosting?

Small Business Hosting

There are many things to think about when choosing a small business hosting provider. There are so many options make sure you check out what your web host offers. How much time is the service guaranteed to be up? How much space do you need? How much bandwidth will you get? Do they offer FTP support? How many email addresses are offered? Do they offer e-commerce or shopping cart software? What web stats will you have get? Are there setup fees? Is there a money-back guarantee? A little research is well worth the time to find a good business web hosting provider.


Cheap Web Site Hosting

Other disadvantages of cheap web site hosting include: - You are likely to be required to pay 12+ months up front. - May not include extras like free email, databases and language support. The important thing to remember about cheap website hosting is that the best prices usually come from a reseller. For this reason, you need to be educated on how to choose a reseller, how to keep yourself and your financial information out of the wrong hands, and you will need to be sure that you are 100% comfortable with making such a purchase.

How do I find out how reliable a hosting company is?

How to Get to the Bottom of Your Host's Support Policies

Before you sign up with a web hosting provider, there is one truly easy way to find out how committed they are to customer service. If the hosting provider states that they offer a 24/7 live chat support utility, try it out during off hours, usually late at nights, or on the weekend. If you get a real person, chances are the web hosting provider is living up to their claims. If you do not, it could be a chance occurrence, but it may also be an indicator that their support is not really available 24/7.

Some web hosting providers will answer sales questions promptly and then drop the ball when it comes to support issues. Make sure you find a hosting plan that offers at least a 7 day money-back guarantee so that you can thoroughly test their support system. If you find that the web hosting provider is no longer as quick to respond, you may need to try another company.

Do I need help choosing a web site hosting company?

Ask For Help

If you work with a professional web developer, or plan to work with one, wait to purchase your web site hosting. The developer usually knows who offers the best web site hosting in terms of compatibility with the developer's programming, customer service and price. Let your developer recommend the web hosting company for you. But it's also a good idea to look up the website hosting company yourself to make sure you think it's a good choice, too.

How can I find the right web host?

How to Find the Right Web Hosting Provider

Finding a web hosting company isn't hard. Finding the right web site hosting company is hard. Here are some ideas for finding the best web hosting provider for your specific needs:

* Understand all of your specific needs: platform, web programming, site design, site promotion, domain name.

* Have a good idea of what you can afford to pay for website hosting.

* Check out the web for sites that compare web hosting providers. Remember, you do not need any physical proximity to your web host. You can deal with the company completely via email, credit card, phone, FTP and web browser.

* Ask anyone you know who has a web site who they use and if they like their host.

* Listen to your developer/consultant if he has a specfic recommendation.

Do I need Linux or Windows hosting?

Linux vs. Windows

One of the first questions you need to answer when choosing a Web host is whether you want Linux/Unix or Windows web hosting. If your site is a plain brochure site, with little or no programmed functionality, you can probably go with a less expensive hosting platform, which is usually Linux/Unix. However, if your Web site has specific web programming or programming for e-commerce, you may need another Web site hosting platform. Also, consider how you are going to program your site. Are you using ASP, PHP, Perl or Ruby? Think about what databases you will use, too. This things will factor in to what Web host you should choose.

Can I Trust Cheap Web site Hosting Listings?

Can You Trust Cheap Web Site Hosting Listings?

There are many Web sites that will give you a convenient listing of cheap Web site hosting companies. However, there may be a problem with the listings that appear. Sometimes these Web sites are really affiliate companies disguised as helpful resources.

Basically, all Web sites need to make money to stay afloat. If they do not sell their own product, then they are likely making money off of someone else's products through affiliate ads, paid banner hosting, and Pay-Per-Click companies. The problem begins when one of these Web sites promotes their affiliate links through fake cheap Web site hosting reviews.

On the other hand, some Web sites really are out there to help you find the best cheap web site hosting deal. These companies will make their money through separate advertisements, not through direct promotion of their affiliate links. This type of Web site relies on your satisfaction, so that you will continue to come back and refer others.

Who has the best web hosting?

Best Web Hosting

When considering web hosting options and if they will be reliable, you need to ask questions. Research online and read customer reviews. Find out if the web host offers safety and safeguards for their servers including physical security and disaster recovery plans. Do they have high quality servers, routers, and network connections? What experience do their technicians have and can they provide the necessary support? Do they have good customer support and can they answer your questions quickly and kindly? A good web hosting company that has invested in their own business including high quality systems, backups, experienced engineers will generally be able to provide the best web hosting.

What do I need to know about choosing a web host?

Cheapest Doesn't Mean the Best

Looking for the best web host for your site? It's an intimdiating prospect. There are thousands of website hosting providers competing for your hosting dollars. Choosing the right one can be difficult. Here are some things to think about:

* Most web site hosting companies compete on price. Price is an important consideration, but not the only consideration. The cheapest host might not be the best.

* Look for packages that make sense for your needs. Some companies offer web hosting with a site builder application, for example. Others offer easy e-commerce packages.

* What kind of support will you need and does it match what the company offers?

These are just a few important factors in choosing website hosting. Do your research before you make that first payment. You'll be glad in the long run. Remember, your web hosting provider is your business partner.

What are the disadvantages of cheap hosting?

The Disadvantages of Cheap Hosting

Cheap hosting as a slew of advantages, but it also has its downfalls. Below is a list of the worst disadvantages that can come with cheap hosting.
- The possibility of hard-to-reach or non-responsive customer service representatives.
- Possible downtime that is greater than 1% or not being allotted enough bandwidth for your monthly visitor load.
- If you are not going through a known company, there is the potential that the individual may take off with your money and leave you without any service.
- You may not receive a money-back guarantee.
- May not come with "basics", such as a Web site builder or free domain name.

What are the advantages of cheap hosting?

The Advantages of Cheap Hosting

Cheap hosting as a slew of advantages that make it a great option for most consumers. Below is a list of the best advantages that come with cheap hosting.

- If you are dealing with a reseller, you may be able to get a customized package that includes a budget plan.

- You can usually purchase extra space or bandwidth in very small increments.

- There are literally hundred of cheap hosting companies to choose from. This means that each company will offer more for less in order to gain your business.

Where can I find good discount Web hosting reviews?

Discount Web Hosting Reviews

Discount Web hosting reviews can be a good way to decide which discount web hosting company you should set up an account with, and gives you an overview of each company's products and prices. There are different ways to obtain discount Web hosting reviews, including:

- A discount Web hosting review site that lists each company, rates each company, and gives you a overview of each company's products and prices. Some very good discount Web hosting review sites may actually set up an account with each company listed and post a report based on their real experience.

- A Website or discussion forum that allows users to share their experiences with various discount Web hosting providers. This type of site is great because it gives you several perspectives on a company, rather than just one. No matter how great a company is, there are bound to be a small percentage of customers who are not satisfied. By reading many reviews, you can tell a lot about the reality of the discount Web hosting site in question.

- Personal recommendations can also be great when deciding which discount Web hosting provider to purchase from. These recommendations would come from friends, family, and acquaintances whom have used a particular site.

Finding quality discount Web hosting can be tricky, since it is easy for such companies to lack in the customer service and reliability departments in order to raise their profits. Usually, it is best to stick with well-known providers who offer discount Web hosting for $10 or less per month.

How do I find a reliable Web host company?

Choosing a Reliable Web Host Company

For some, choosing a reliable web host company can be more important than the price of monthly web hosting. If you fall into this category, you are not going to want to read ad after ad about how low each company's price is lower than the competition, as you would rather hear about how much downtime they have and how helpful and friendly their customer service is. Below are a few ways to tell if you are getting the most reliable Web host company available:

- Large companies have more customers, which means that they will have more revenue and money to spend to ensure that they keep all of those customers happy by utilizing reliable web servers.

- Trying contacting customer service a few times with a technical issue to see how they respond before you sign up with a company.

- Look at companies that cater mostly to larger businesses. They will often have smaller packages for small businesses or individuals, but their ads will target merchants and other clients who depend on good service and have the money to spend to receive that service.

Following these tips will help you find a reliable Web host company, who will keep your website online and help you when you have a problem. You will of course pay to receive this top quality service, but it is usually worth it.

What Kind of Web Host Company Should I Expect to Find When Looking for a Cheap Web Hosting Provider?

A Cheap Web Hosting Provider?

Finding a Web host company that is right for your needs can sometimes be difficult, if you don't yet know how large it will be. Unless you plan on selling a variety of products on your website, you will more than likely not need a ton of Web space.

In this case, your best bet may be to find a cheap Web hosting provider whose downtime is no more than 1%. The options in this category usually include:

1. Purchasing from a Web host company who is well known and provides 5,000MB of space for $6-$10 per month.

2. Purchasing from a reseller Web host company. Many of these companies buy directly from the big name companies, but sell space under a different name. In most cases, however, your website will be hosted by the same type of big name companies as in option #1. The benefit of these companies are that they can offer you only the space you need for a very low monthly price. For example, 1,000MB for $1 per month, instead of 5,000MB for $8. Yes, you get more space for less money with option #1, but the questions is will you use all of that space or will you be paying an extra $6-$9 per month for wasted space?

A cheap Web hosting provider can be just as reliable as companies that cater to high-end clients. You may not receive extras, such as an SSL certificate, included in your cheap Web hosting package, but these are things that you probably are not in need of anyway.

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