Cheap Hosting for Small Businesses

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Can I receive cheap hosting for my small business?

Cheap Hosting for Small Businesses

If you are thinking of starting your own business or working from home, chances are that you will need a website. However, don't get confused by the $30-$100 per month business plans offered by some web hosting companies. As a small business, you can find cheap hosting!
First, if you are not collecting money directly through your Website nor selling a number of products, then you will likely not need many of the extras offered in packages that cost $30-$100 per month. These high-end accounts are usually targeted towards merchants who process orders directly or very large businesses who can afford the monthly charge.
Just because you have a small business, does not mean that you cannot go with a cheap hosting solution. As a matter of fact, many small businesses and other professionals who maintain a website to target clients, can get away with purchasing a $6-$10 per month hosting plan. This is because:
A) They have customers/clients pay them through check, money order, Paypal, etc.
B) They only have basic website pages, which usually number 50 or less.



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