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What is FrontPage Hosting?

FrontPage Hosting Definition

Microsoft FrontPage is a website development software which helps in building and editing web pages. It is one of the most popular web site design software packages in the marketplace today. FrontPage is easy to use and is especially popular with those who do not know HTML because it has a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface. FrontPage works just like a word processor. You design your web pages, cut and paste text and images and when it looks like what you want, you are ready to publish your pages. Some web hosting companies do not offer support for FrontPage. FrontPage hosting is a specific service offered by web hosting companies that provide FrontPage extension support. So if you use FrontPage to design your web pages, make sure you get a hosting company that can support it.

Where can I find good FrontPage Web Hosting?

Finding Good FrontPage Web Hosting

When searching for a good web hosting company it is important to first get your own domain name. Then if you end up having problems with the web host, you can always transfer your domain to another hosting provider. If you use FrontPage to design and create your web pages, you need to find a good FrontPage web hosting provider. Basically find a web host with a good reputation, high uptime, and then make sure they provide FrontPage support. You should consider security, customer support, bandwidth and speed as well as pricing. Although cost is an issue for most of us, think about how much money you will be losing if you go with a cheap web host that may be down often or be out of business next month rather than one where you may spend a few dollars more each month, but your website will be up and your pages will load quickly. If you know anyone who uses FrontPage hosting, talk to them about their host. Word of mouth goes a long way when finding good web hosting.

Is FrontPage hard to learn?

Microsoft FrontPage Software

FrontPage is one of the easiest web design software packages to learn. If you have ever used Microsoft Word, or Excel then most of the menus for FrontPage will be familiar. There are many tutorials available online for learning FrontPage and many local communities will offer classes to teach beginners how to build a website using FrontPage. You do not need to know HTML because FrontPage uses WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”). You simply make your web page look good on the screen, and FrontPage automatically provides all of the HTML. If you decide to learn HTML later, you can also edit and add features to your web site using the HTML window. Some web hosting packages do not provide FrontPage hosting support. If you want the freedom to create your site using FrontPage make sure your hosting server specifically provides FrontPage hosting. Most free web hosting services do not provide FrontPage support, but it is worth paying a small yearly fee to get the benefits FrontPage can offer.

Why should I use FrontPage web hosting?

Benefits of FrontPage Web Hosting

If you want to build your own website and you don't know HTML or other programming languages, FrontPage is a good way to go. It is an easy way to build dynamic and professional websites without having to learn complicated scripting. Using FrontPage you can create better looking web sites quickly and easily. You can quickly build tables, change page layouts, manipulate graphics and visual effects. Using web templates you can change full sections of your website simply by updating the master template. Testing your site and viewing how your site will appear using different web browsers is another benefit of using FrontPage. If you use FrontPage to design your site, you will need to get FrontPage Web Hosting as well. FrontPage web hosting basically provides the necessary server scripts to make your pages work properly.

Who should use web hosting with FrontPage extensions?

Web Hosting with FrontPage Extensions

FrontPage is one of the top rated and most popular web site design programs on the market. Dreamweaver is also very popular but is more expensive than FrontPage and so most beginners will choose the less expensive program. FrontPage is classified as an HTML editor, but it offers so much more. FrontPage offers an easy to use interface (the MS Office look and feel) and is familiar to most people. You can spell check your pages, manipulate images, easily create tables and change layouts. Anyone who uses FrontPage for design will need web hosting with FrontPage extensions. FrontPage web hosting is quite popular and widely available, just make sure you choose a host and web plan which includes FrontPage support.

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