Microsoft FrontPage Software

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Is FrontPage hard to learn?

Microsoft FrontPage Software

FrontPage is one of the easiest web design software packages to learn. If you have ever used Microsoft Word, or Excel then most of the menus for FrontPage will be familiar. There are many tutorials available online for learning FrontPage and many local communities will offer classes to teach beginners how to build a website using FrontPage. You do not need to know HTML because FrontPage uses WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”). You simply make your web page look good on the screen, and FrontPage automatically provides all of the HTML. If you decide to learn HTML later, you can also edit and add features to your web site using the HTML window. Some web hosting packages do not provide FrontPage hosting support. If you want the freedom to create your site using FrontPage make sure your hosting server specifically provides FrontPage hosting. Most free web hosting services do not provide FrontPage support, but it is worth paying a small yearly fee to get the benefits FrontPage can offer.



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