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Compare Web Hosting Options to Find the Best Plan for Your Website

It is important to compare web hosting services before making a commitment. The best web hosting companies will offer several different web hosting packages for you to compare and find the one that best fits your needs.

First determine the number of websites you need to host. Many web hosting companies offer a discount on multiple websites from the same customer. For each website, determine how much disk space your website needs. The best web hosting companies offer a variety of gigabyte space ranging from less than 5GB to 300GB or unlimited plans.

Also consider your monthly budget, your email needs and the total package price when you compare web hosting plans. The best web hosting companies offer free domain registration and setup. When it comes to web hosting, free options usually do not meet the needs of the website and offer very little in terms of space and usability.

However, the most expensive plans do not necessarily come from the best web hosting companies. Compare web hosting plans carefully to ensure you get exactly what you need and are not paying more for unnecessary features.


Selecting Domain Name Extensions

When choosing a domain name, most of us immediately think of one that ends in .com. That's certainly the most popular of the domain name extensions, but any of the other 200+ alternatives such as .biz, .net, or .tv may provide a more appropriate name ending for your concept as well as give you a better chance to reserve your name of choice. Search engines are friendly to all domain name extensions, or Top Level Domains (TLDs).

About 10% of TLDs such as .com or .org are called "generic"; the other 90% are associated with specific countries, such as .tv for Tuvalu. Some country TLDs are available only to residents, but most may be purchased by anyone. ICANN, the international organization that took over TLD administration from the US government in 1998, now licenses domain registration rights to hundreds of competing registrars. All this competition has brought us global availability of cheap domain names.

Three tips for selecting domain name extensions:

1. Trust an icann.org accredited registrar. For a complete list, go to icann.org or internic.net.
2. Certain country TLDs may only be available through selected registrars operating within those nations.
3. Take two, they're small! Reserving more than one extension for your name can improve your web visibility and help defend you against competitors.

Happy choosing!


Choices of Web Hosting Plans

After making the purchase of the domain name and deciding to build the web site that will take over the world, choosing from a variety of web hosting plans is next on the list of things to do. Many plans are available that offer a variety of services. Consider what is needed to reach the goal desired and get started.

A domain name can be used to build a multi-page web site with video downloads, lots of pictures and tons of information or products. Or, it can be used to put a simple business card type contact information page that allows people to call over the phone or contact by email. The difference between the two types of web sites are the sizes of the downloads. One site with video and multiple other options can take a lot of bandwidth which increases the cost of the web hosting. A simple one page site is quick and easy to download and so it cheaper.

Costs for web hosting will vary depending on the purpose of the web site. Be sure to plan well and visualize what is going to be shown on the web site. It is the beginning of the branding of the domain name and the business.


Web Hosting Prices and Services

Web hosting prices differ between the kind of web hosting services that are offered by companies. Researching information about web hosting prices is the best bet in order to find a good deal in something that you can rely on for your website. First, consider what kind of services you want to pay for and how much.

There is a number of information on the Internet available to provide you with statistics and customer feedback on different kind of companies. After looking at this, and development services you want which may include full disk space, supporter, drive space and other important factors in building a website.

While looking for feedback on certain companies that you're interested in, also search the Internet for coupons or special promotions that will reduce the cost of regular web hosting prices. You may also want to think about comparing prices between services and signing up for a site that provides you with all kind of offers on the table which you can look at without having to search the Internet.

Also, feel free to gamble with services and to get appropriate quotes from companies and see if they will match or reduce other companies quotes.


E Commerce Web Hosting

Building a web presence is an important way to build a branded business name. With access to the company products and information from anywhere in the world, the internet offers business opportunities unparalleled in history. E commerce web hosting companies offer the whole package to get started selling the company widgets or gizmos. By offering the ability to build a web site easily, accept credit cards online and showcase products in a professional way, ecommerce web hosting services make it easier for businesses to sell on the world wide web.

The web site is located on the host server. The computer server is ready 24/7 to allow internet surfers to access the company web site and buy product. Maintenance of the server computers is the job of the web hosting company. This keeps the business from having to maintain a computer at the business 24/7, and make sure it is functioning correctly and fighting viruses or computer hackers.

Anyone with a product to sell, can build a web site and accept credit cards online by using an ecommerce web hosting company.


Dedicated Mail Server and Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are servers that are dedicated to just one purpose and one company, individual, or purpose. Dedicated servers could be compared to a faithful spouse. Having dedicated servers gives full control over the operating system and hardware. The hardware for dedicated servers is owned by the internet provider and they may provide support or other upkeep and thus can reduce overhead costs and increase profit.

A dedicated mail server is a server dedicated to the purpose of sending and receiving email. Having a dedicated mail server is often an absolute necessity for large organizations that must send out or receive huge amounts of email. Without a dedicated mail server large amounts of email can be sent but the process is slowed because of spamming restrictions and often because of bandwidth restrictions. Both Windows Server OS and Windows Exchange Server software are required to be installed on the server and must be purchased, or Linux can be used. If the Novell version of Linux is used, it is compatible with other operating systems and email software. The Windows software is quite expensive while the Linux software is cheaper but more stable and has a huge learning curve. If you are quite Linux savvy you may simply download a free open source version.

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