A Cheap Web Hosting Provider?

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What Kind of Web Host Company Should I Expect to Find When Looking for a Cheap Web Hosting Provider?

A Cheap Web Hosting Provider?

Finding a Web host company that is right for your needs can sometimes be difficult, if you don't yet know how large it will be. Unless you plan on selling a variety of products on your website, you will more than likely not need a ton of Web space.

In this case, your best bet may be to find a cheap Web hosting provider whose downtime is no more than 1%. The options in this category usually include:

1. Purchasing from a Web host company who is well known and provides 5,000MB of space for $6-$10 per month.

2. Purchasing from a reseller Web host company. Many of these companies buy directly from the big name companies, but sell space under a different name. In most cases, however, your website will be hosted by the same type of big name companies as in option #1. The benefit of these companies are that they can offer you only the space you need for a very low monthly price. For example, 1,000MB for $1 per month, instead of 5,000MB for $8. Yes, you get more space for less money with option #1, but the questions is will you use all of that space or will you be paying an extra $6-$9 per month for wasted space?

A cheap Web hosting provider can be just as reliable as companies that cater to high-end clients. You may not receive extras, such as an SSL certificate, included in your cheap Web hosting package, but these are things that you probably are not in need of anyway.



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