The Disadvantages of Free Domain Hosting

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What are the disadvantages of free domain hosting?

The Disadvantages of Free Domain Hosting

There are many websites that offer free domain hosting. The problem, however, is that these companies will give you a domain that they already own and you will have to leave it if you ever decide to switch to a different Web host. For example, instead of, the domain you receive will be something like www.freewebhostingcompany/ Most of these companies offer free Web space along with their free domain hosting, which is usually supported by banner and pop-up ads.
Free domain hosting may be ideal for:
- A young teen who wants their own website, but who does not have the money to purchase their own domain and web space.
- Someone who wants to make a blog or small personal space without spending any money.
- Someone new to the Internet who wants to see what they can create before they spend money on a hosting plan.
On the other hand, anyone looking to make money through their website should not consider free domain hosting. Whether you are selling products, creating a biography for potential clients to view, or you are putting together an affiliate website, you should always shell out the few extra bucks per year to have your own domain hosting. Otherwise, you may have a difficult time gaining any real profits.



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