Benefits of Using a Firewall

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What are the benefits of using a firewall?

Benefits of Using a Firewall

Anyone who has had their computer security breached, private information stolen, or been attacked by a computer hacker, understands the importance and benefits of having a firewall and anti-virus software. There are various types of firewalls including physical hardware such as a router, and software to be installed on web hosting servers as well as personal firewall software. Firewalls provide network administrators a way to manage Internet privileges; they protect LANs (Local Area Networks) from intruders, and can also provide security for individual computer systems. Web hosting providers should have firewall protection for their server. A firewall that is configured properly makes it harder for outside hackers to find your system and therefore interfere with your data. If you should get hacked or obtain a worm or virus on your system, firewalls can also block attacks which could launch from your system to protect others.



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