Questions to Ask Colocation Service Provider

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What is colocation?

Questions to Ask Colocation Service Provider

When searching for a colocation service provider it is important you do your research. There are many options available and a range of pricing. You should understand exactly what you are getting. Does your collocation service provider charge per server or per rack? What bandwidth will be available? What type of support do they offer – are they trained engineers or non-technical customer support technicians? What is their physical security like – does your server run the risk of getting damaged, stolen, or is it in a secure environment? What type of data security is offered? Will you have access 24/7? Is the company stable financially? How will you manage your server – will you have remote access for reboots? What type of reports will you get about bandwidth utilization and port connection? Where will your server be physically located? What uptimes are guaranteed? Read the fine print. All colocation service providers are different.



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