Which is Best - Dedicated or Shared SSL Certificates?

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Do I need a dedicated SSL certificate for my ecommerce site?

Which is Best - Dedicated or Shared SSL Certificates?

Many ecommerce hosting plans include a free shared SSL certificate. This is a great way to save money when it comes to setting up your site, but it may not always be the best move for your business. One major problem with a shared SSL certificate is that you may lose customer confidence. This is due to the fact that the certificate will not be registered in your company name, but rather, in the name of your hosting company.

As browsers begin to share more information about SSL certificates with website viewers, this can be a major issue. Your certificate will appear as though it does not belong to you, and your customer's browser will tell them this. It really is a small investment to purchase your own SSL certificate, when you weigh the fact that you can increase customer confidence, and as such, your sales.



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