Secure Web Site, Really?

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I am not doing ecommerce. Is my site secure?

Secure Web Site, Really?

Even computer security experts agree: No web site is ever completely secure. Secure web sites live on servers, which are part of computer networks. Even the Internet itself is a big network. A smart and determined hacker is going to get into your site if he wants to. It's up to you, or your network security team, to minimize the damage and prevent that door from being used again. If your web site lives on a server owned by a web hosting provider, the provider should have a web site security policy. Ask the salesperson for the web site security policy before making a final decision on hosting. If you're running your own server, you need to make sure you are running the latest security patches and check your file permissions to ensure you are limiting direct access to changing any files on the server. Web security is a complicated, ever-changing subject. If you're running your own web server, it's worth some serious study. But remember, the best you can do is make it more difficult for someone to break in, not impossible.



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