128-bit vs. 40-bit security

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Do I need 128-bit security?

128-bit vs. 40-bit security

There are two types of encryptions generally available to the public for web site security -- 40-bit and 128-bit. These refer to the length of the code keys used to encrypt and decrypt data going to and from the secure web site. 40-bit was the standard up until the last few years, when 128-bit was launched, making it much tougher to use brute computer force to crack a code. Both 40-bit and 128-bit security certificates are still available publicly. As you might expect, a 128-bit certificate is more expensive. Which one do you need for your secure web site? 128-bit is the best choice, especially if you are storing data rather than holding it temporarily. If you are only transporting data and not storing any of the information, 40-bit can work. But why not be safer and go 128-bit?



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