The Best Web Hosting Plan For a Small Business

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What is the best hosting plan for a small business?

The Best Web Hosting Plan For a Small Business

For someone running a very small business on limited funds or someone who has a great business idea and wants to see where it can lead, having free search marketing credits for Google or Yahoo! allows you to quickly get your new Web site seen. It also gives you a chance to see if these services are worthwhile before you sink your own hard-earned money into them.
For example, you may find that your customer click through rate is high, but your sales conversion rates are low. If you are in this situation, these services can run up a heavy fee quite quickly. Additionally, if you blow your entire credit and make little to no money, then you may learn that using such a service is not a great route for you. You may also learn that your current Web site copy is not strong enough to turn visitors into customers.

Many companies offer such incentives when you purchase a Web hosting plan, which usually range from $25-$100 per service. A majority of these companies will give you a credit for each of the two services. As far as deciding between a hosting plan that offers a $25 credit for one service or $150 for both services, you will need to compare each hosting plan individually to determine if the features and price savings are worth forgoing $125 in valuable marketing credit.



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