What is Resell Hosting?

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What is Resell Hosting?

What is Resell Hosting?

Resell hosting is when you purchase a bulk website hosting package that you can sell to others for a profit. Resell hosting packages come in three forms:
1) You can buy a resell hosting package that is already divided up into many small, but equal, hosting plans. This first option will only give you one size of hosting plan to resell. If you want to resell several different sizes, you may have to buy more than one resell hosting plan.
2) You can buy a resell hosting package that contains a certain amount of web space, and then divide it up how you want. This second option allows you to buy one resell hosting package and still sell several different sized plans, which enables you to customize each customer's plan and bring them the service they need.
3) You can sign up with a hosting company to be a reseller and pay a monthly fee. This monthly fee will give you the right to resell any of the company's hosting plans and keep whatever profit you make. This option, like option #2, will let you resell several different sized plans, but you will not be able to decide how big each plan is.
Resell hosting can be an easy way to start your own online business without investing hundreds or thousands of dollars. The first step is choosing which type of resell hosting you feel would be most profitable for your situation.



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