Knowing Where Your Customers Are “Linking” From

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How can knowing where my customers are linking from help me?

Knowing Where Your Customers Are “Linking” From

Web site statistics can help you learn where your customers are “linking” from. This bit of knowledge is important for many reasons and may be one of the most significant marketing resources that you have available to you.
As a Web merchant, or anyone else who makes an income from their Web site, you advertise in many places in order to get visitors to your Web site. While some of these places are free, many more expect payment in return for this Web site promotion; however, you could be spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a Web site promotion method that is not bringing in any traffic. If you can weed out these bad tactics using Web site statistics, you can put more of your money towards good tactics that are bringing in visitors.
You may also be able to determine which ads are bringing in the most paying visitors and which are bringing in visitors who shop around, but usually never purchase. Remember, gaining Web site traffic is only half of the battle, you also have to make sales to see any money.
Ideally, Web site statistics can help you determine whether pouring your time into advertising in free areas is more beneficial than pouring your money into paid ads. Although it would be nice for all of us to get free traffic, this tactic may work for some, while others will be forced to shell out money before they see any positive results. Web site statistics will help you determine which category you fall in.



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