How to Make Money From Your Blog Hosting Account

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How can I make money from my blog hosting account?

How to Make Money From Your Blog Hosting Account

There are many ways to profit off of the Internet, and blog hosting is no exception. It is fairly easy to make at least a small profit from your blog, as long as you are committed to regular posting and promotion of your URL.
Steps to making an income with your blog hosting account:
1. Decide on a subject that you are really interested in and could write a lot about. This topic should be as specialized as possible, so that you can get targeted traffic.
2. Decide on a theme that matches your subject. Design your blog around this theme.
3. Pick a few affiliate companies that compliment your theme and/or set up a Pay-Per-Click ad account. For example, if your subject is “effective resume writing”, you could add links to affiliates that provide resume writing services.
4. Find popular keywords for your posts that will help generate traffic from the major search engines. Each post should be centered around at least one of these keywords/phrases.
5. Dedicate yourself to your blog and post daily. Post your URL in any “signatures” that you have (i.e. in your e-mail replies or on discussion forums).
6. Put a visitor counter on your site to track your progress.
Hopefully, after a few months you will begin to get a few regular readers. As the months pass, your readership should steadily climb. Once this happens, it won't be long before you begin to get “click thrus” to your affiliate partners and Pay-Per-Click ads. After that, you will soon be on your way to making an income from your blog hosting account.



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