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What is a blog?

Blog, Blogs and Blogging

What in the world is a blog? When I first heard the name “Blog” it brought to mind something slimy from a swamp, rather than anything to do with computers. However when you hear that blog comes from the term “Web Log” then it makes more sense. A blog is basically a personal journal that is kept on the Internet. Someone who blogs is called a blogger. And when you write a blog, you are blogging. There are hundreds of thousands of bloggers online now. Some blogs contain great information about specific industries written by entrepreneurs, analysts and experts. Other blogs are just the written thoughts and experiences of individuals without specific credentials. Blogging software is easy to use and quick to set up and blogs are becoming more popular. Warning: When you search the Internet you may come across a blog and think the information you are reading is accurate. Blogs do not carry the same restrictions as mainstream media, so the information does not need to have any accuracy. Just be careful that you do not believe everything you read.



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