Web Site Templates

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What are the benefits of using web templates?

Web Site Templates

Web site templates are great if you are a beginner and want to build a nice looking web site. Most web templates are easy to navigate and you simply add your personal information such as images and text. If you want to put a site together in a few hours, a web template is the way to go. When a web hosting company advertises that you can have your website up and running in less than an hour, that may be true that your site will be up, but actually adding your information generally takes longer than that, so be prepared to spend a few hours. Web site templates can also be good as a resource to see different designs and find something you like. If you can get templates which you can download and then customize that gives you the benefit of having a pre-built site, but also gives you flexibility to make it fit your needs. There are hundreds of free website templates available for downloading, so you can spend hours and hours looking through each one. But if you want a really good site design, you should expect to pay between $19-99 for web site template or hire a designer to build a custom site for $50-75 per hour.



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