FTP Programs

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What do I need to know to use an FTP program?

FTP Programs

There are many FTP programs on the market today and most are inexpensive. You can even find free FTP software. Some of the most popular FTP programs include WS_FTP, CuteFTP and FTP Voyager. Most of the software has similar features however some of the graphic interfaces are easier to use for a beginner. You will need to know specific information before you can use an FTP program. You need to know your domain name or IP address (where the information will be going to) as well as your account username and password (which you should get when you sign up for web hosting). You may also need to know if your web host has a specific folder in your account where you should put your files and if they require a specific extension for your homepage such as home.htm or index.html. Your web host may also offer recommendations for FTP Programs. With that information, you should be ready to start uploading your web pages.



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