Web Hosting Reseller vs. Direct Web Hosting

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Should I worry if my host is a reseller?

Web Hosting Reseller vs. Direct Web Hosting

Web hosting resellers are like anything, there are good resellers and there are resellers who give the others a bad name. If you have your hosting with a good reseller, you shouldn't have any reason for concern. However, some resellers are not experienced and will not be able to provide you support or answer your questions. You can weed them out by emailing them with a few questions before signing up for their service. If they do not respond within 24 hours or do not respond to your contentment, look elsewhere. Often resellers are small business owners and may have more time to give to their customers (since they do not have as many customers as the large hosting companies). Basically, if you do your research and find a web hosting reseller who provides you what you are looking for, there should be no difference between them and getting your hosting through the web hosting company directly.



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