Starting a Reseller Hosting Business

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What do I need to know to have a reseller hosting business?

Starting a Reseller Hosting Business

If you want to start your own reseller hosting business you should be familiar with HTML and scripting languages. You should also know about FTP and other publishing utilities. Think about what you want from your web hosting company and what type of support you might need. You need to know how to register new domain names, how to edit domain names, how to use and administer POP email accounts and how to send and receive emails from POP accounts. Most web hosting companies will offer some type of technical support to your customers however you should be as familiar as possible so you can offer support as well. Having your own reseller hosting business means you own your own business. You should ask lots of questions and do research about reseller hosting specifically as well as self-employed issues. You should find out what types of taxes you need to file. What is your target market? How will you advertise? Are you going to have employees? What services will you offer? Who will do your accounting? Can you provide customer service properly? Will you want to expand in the future and if so, how? The U.S. Small Business Administration provides many good resources about creating a business plan and getting started as a business owner.



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