Dedicated Mail Server and Dedicated Servers

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Dedicated Mail Server and Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are servers that are dedicated to just one purpose and one company, individual, or purpose. Dedicated servers could be compared to a faithful spouse. Having dedicated servers gives full control over the operating system and hardware. The hardware for dedicated servers is owned by the internet provider and they may provide support or other upkeep and thus can reduce overhead costs and increase profit.

A dedicated mail server is a server dedicated to the purpose of sending and receiving email. Having a dedicated mail server is often an absolute necessity for large organizations that must send out or receive huge amounts of email. Without a dedicated mail server large amounts of email can be sent but the process is slowed because of spamming restrictions and often because of bandwidth restrictions. Both Windows Server OS and Windows Exchange Server software are required to be installed on the server and must be purchased, or Linux can be used. If the Novell version of Linux is used, it is compatible with other operating systems and email software. The Windows software is quite expensive while the Linux software is cheaper but more stable and has a huge learning curve. If you are quite Linux savvy you may simply download a free open source version.



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