Utilizing a Dedicated Web Server

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Utilizing a Dedicated Web Server

After a few years of having a web site and learning the ropes of the internet business world, getting a dedicated web server for the business is a good idea. When the bandwidth use starts to exceed the amount allowed by the hosting service provider plan now being used, the cost will go up. At some point, it is wise to have a dedicated server to provide faster downloads and more control over the server.

When downloads of music, video or larger file pictures become an issue for the company, getting it done faster and with more control is the path to take. The shared servers were fine for the smaller operations needed to get the business started, but now that those days are gone, more is required.

A shared server will provide the requested web pages as they come in. This may cause some congestion and slow down web site downloads, and music or video downloads. When the server is dedicated to only one company, it is waiting to serve only the web pages or downloads relevant to that company. Welcome to the world of the big boys.



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