Benefits and Drawbacks of Shared Web Site Hosting Platforms

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of shared web site hosting platforms?

Benefits and Drawbacks of Shared Web Site Hosting Platforms

Shared web site hosting has a number of benefits and drawbacks. On the positive side, a shared hosting platform is the type of web site hosting that is best for people that are new to web sites and that get low to moderate levels of traffic. A shared hosting platform is a way of accessing numerous services offered by web site hosting without paying the high cost that a dedicated platform may require.

Another advantage of this type of web site hosting is that you are often allowed to place many websites and domains in one account for maximum web site hosting value. Some web hosting platforms that offer shared web site hosting even provide browser-based installations to take advantage of some of the many popular content management systems and website building software applications.

However, the downside to a shared hosting platform is that this type of web site hosting is difficult for people who have websites with high traffic. A web site hosting provider will eventually request that these websites be transferred to another hosting company or suggest a dedicated hosting platform. Because there are web site hosting services that try to stick too many accounts onto one server, overloading capacity, it may cause the other sites to be slow or even crash.



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