The Advantages of Using FTP Web Hosting

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What is a FTP hosting service used for?

The Advantages of Using FTP Web Hosting

Web hosting with FTP is becoming more commonly used as a way for people to keep their information on their website more secure from an unauthorized third party. File Transfer Protocol, commonly known as FTP, can be used to communicate and share information by putting that information into digital files that are held and transferred between two remote computers as a more secure web hosting alternative.

An FTP hosting service will allow for very large files to be transmitted online, but the maximum size will depend on the space available on the FTP server that is doing the web hosting. If the space becomes too small on the web hosting server, then files will eventually have to be deleted to free up space for further file transmission. FTP hosting is ideal for companies or individuals that are looking for a safe, efficient, and affordable way to transfer substantial files of information that could not otherwise be transferred by email or another type of web hosting service.



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