Dedicated Hosting Solutions May Save You Money Over the Long Term

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How expensive is dedicated hosting?

Dedicated Hosting Solutions May Save You Money Over the Long Term

If you are currently running your website with a shared hosting plan, you may be better served by a dedicated hosting solution if you are experiencing a sudden rise in site traffic. In many cases, shared hosting companies will have set limits on how much disk space and bandwidth you can use every month. They will charge extra fees if you go over these limits. Bandwidth spike fees and disk space allotment overages can easily add up to an extra $10,000 a year if you're not careful.

If you aren't sure whether you need a dedicated hosting solution, take some time to consider how much you're paying for your current hosting plan, plus overages. In most cases, it will be more expensive than a dedicated hosting plan that offers higher limits and better service. Don't get stuck paying extra fees when you could be saving money over the long-term.



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