Paid Resell Hosting

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How can I find an low-cost paid resell hosting provider?

Paid Resell Hosting

Paid resell hosting is when you
A) pay a resell hosting company a monthly fee in order to sell their products for a profit or,
B) buy a certain amount of Web space from a resell hosting company upfront and resell it to others for a profit.

There are many companies out there to choose from and finding a good, reliable company can be fairly easy. However, large companies, who have a good reputation in the Web hosting world, may be more pricey when it comes to what they charge you to resell their products.
There may be some smaller, less costly resell hosting companies out there that will give you and your customers the same great service as the “giants”. Weeding out the good small resell hosting providers from the rest of the crowd can be tricky. Below are some tips:
- Use a resell hosting company who guarantees their services to you and your customers. Of course, the longer the guarantee, the better. If they are confident in their products, you can be too. Be sure to pick a company that has been around awhile though. If they are new and gather a lot of money-back requests in a short period of time, they could run off and leave you hanging.
- Getting recommendations from others in the resell hosting business will also help you know which companies to avoid. Some webmaster discussion boards may even have a special section where members can post when they encounter a less-than-quality company and help warn others.
- If you have ever had a website before and were satisfied with the hosting services you received, see if that company offers resell hosting options and how competitive their prices are. This is probably your best option when choosing a resell hosting provider.
Choosing what resell hosting provider to purchase from may be the most difficult decision you will make in this business. Remember to take your time. The worst thing you can do is rush the process of finding a good resell hosting company, because you are excited to get started.



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