Reading Your Web Site Statistics

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How often should I check my Web site statistics?

Reading Your Web Site Statistics

When evaluating your Web site statistics, there are a few certain things that you should look for first:
- How many visitors are visiting your site per hour, day, week, and month.
- Which days tend to have the most visitors.
- Which hours of the day tend to produce the most traffic.
- What URLs your customers are coming in from and which are your top producing URLs.
- What ads are linked to your highest producing URLs.
- Which pages are visited most.
- How many visitors are getting to the “Order” page without placing an order.
- Which pages are losing the most visitors.
- If your visitors are leaving via your outbound links.
This information, complied together, will help you know more about how your visitors behave and what you can change to make that behavior work better for you. You should check your Web site statistics as often as possible, ideally everyday. This will help you make any necessary changes as swiftly as possible.



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