Is Your Web Site Design A Problem?

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How do I know if there is a problem with my Web site design?

Is Your Web Site Design A Problem?

Your Web site design has a lot to do with how your customers will behave while on your Web site. This means that your customers may be influenced to look around, purchase, or even leave because of your Web site design.
For instance, your customers could get annoyed and leave your Web site if your colors are too bright, your font is too small or big, or if you have flashing banner advertisements. These characteristics can make it very hard for a visitor to read or focus on what your page says, which can make it very easy for them to get frustrated and leave.
The first indication that there may be a problem with your Web site design is if your Web site statistics show that your customers are leaving before they get past your index or home page. You can attack this problem by identifying potential problem areas, making changes, and continuing to track the progress of these changes by monitoring your Web site statistics. If you see positive changes, then you know that you are heading in the right direction. On the other hand, if you are still seeing a negative customer behavior pattern, then you will need to continue to tweak the Web site design until a positive change occurs. Eventually, you will start to see positive changes and the hard work and effort will pay off.



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