The Impact That Your Web Site Design Has on Visitors

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Why is my Web site design so important?

The Impact That Your Web Site Design Has on Visitors

How easily your customers are able to navigate through your Web site will determine how many of them stay to check out what you have to offer and how many will leave only after a few minutes. There are many things that can play a part in how a visitor perceives your Web site, including:
- Overall Web site design - Do you have a good theme? Is it consistent throughout the entire Web site?
- Web site structure - Do you lead customers through your Web site in a way that promotes maximum ROI?
- Graphics & banners - Are they flashy and annoying or do they blend in with the rest of your Web site content?
- How your information is displayed on each page - Is each page nicely organized or is there a lot of information that looks piled together quickly?
It is important to remember the impact that your Web site Design has on a visitor. If your visitors are frustrated by the lack of functionality and ease of your Web site, they will miss out on the advantages that your products or information can provide.



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