Using Web Site Statistics to See Better End Results

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How can Web site statistics help me see better end results?

Using Web Site Statistics to See Better End Results

Each Webmaster has his own goal. Some are selling a product, some are promoting their services, and others are trying to get visitors to click through to their affiliate Web sites. No matter what your goal is, web site statistics can help you achieve better end results.

Web site statistics trace visitor activities. This is important because you not only need to know how to get customers to your Web site, but you should also try to determine what gets them to purchase a product or click through on an affiliate link. For example, you may have a very high performing page because the Web site copy for that page is well written and helps “make the sell”. You then know to structure other pages according to this high performing page.

Web site statistics can also help you discover problem pages that may be encouraging your customers to leave. The reasons behind this can vary from an annoying banner ad to poorly written Web site copy. Nevertheless, you can then focus your attention on these pages and improve on them until your Web site statistics show that your customers are no longer leaving.

Regardless of your specific goals, Web site statistics can help improve your overall performance and give your Web site the chance that it deserves.



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