More Security in Virtual Servers

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Does a virtual dedicated server offer more security than a shared server?

More Security in Virtual Servers

A Virtual dedicated server is more secure than a shared server due to the file system setup. Even though all users share CPU, memory, and network connectivity, they need not share the same file system. This implies that if someone else's virtual dedicated server gets messed up, there is no way they can jump from that virtual file system onto your virtual file system.
In a shared system, there is only one file system and users can jump anywhere they want to see who else is there. A virtual dedicated server thereby offers more security then shared hosting and is the next best thing to a fully dedicated server.
You can find virtual dedicated server accounts for as little as $40 a month. Some virtual server providers will guarantee minimum/maximum RAM amounts. This small amount will also get you a much larger chunk of bandwidth compared to shared hosting.



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