What is a Dedicated Hosting IP Address?

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What is a Dedicated Hosting IP Address?

What is a Dedicated Hosting IP Address?

A dedicated hosting IP is the numeric value of the IP address that is set aside specifically for one domain. An IP address, a.k.a. the Internet Protocol address, is a unique number that computers use in order to identify and communicate with each other on the World Wide Web, utilizing the Internet Protocol standard (IP).

Whenever someone inputs a certain dedicated hosting IP address value in the address bar of a search engine browser, they will always be directed towards same domain name. This is possible by using dedicated server hosting, where the server hosting your Website has reserved space for your Website.

A dedicated hosting IP address is best for websites where there are many users, where there are many transactions, or where sensitive information may be accessed. It is also the safest option as far as search engines are concerned. Dedicated server hosting is expensive, so a dedicated hosting IP is advisable only if you need to accept credit card payments, need private name servers, or need extensive search engine optimization.



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